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Luminary launches gift analysis tool, useful for prospecting & driving client engagement


March 28, 2024

Luminary launches gift analysis tool, useful for prospecting & driving client engagement

Vik Prasad


Product Strategist

Luminary’s new gift modeling tool enables wealth advisors to demonstrate the impact of lifetime planning strategies for prospects and clients alike.

With Luminary’s gift model, users can build client-facing proposals illustrating various gift strategies with just a few clicks. Luminary allows advisors to model an existing client’s situation with precision, or create a more generally illustrative model for working with prospective clients.

Standing out at an important time…

With today’s elevated estate tax exemption levels scheduled to sunset in 2026, wealth owners are looking to advisors for guidance on gift and giving options. In particular, to understand how actions they might take today will affect themselves and the people and causes they care about years into the future.

…and in a world of growing competition

Against this backdrop, high net worth clients are demanding more from wealth managers as investment management services alone aren’t as differentiating as they once were. Even tax and legal advisors are leaning into enhanced services and revenue sources. “Family Office” service offerings seem to have become ubiquitous, with tax-value creation front and center.

But without the tools to create high impact materials to answer critical questions and demonstrate competencies at scale, advisors risk failing to deliver and falling behind.

Luminary provides branded estate planning presentations that can be readily shared

Luminary provides branded estate planning presentations that can be readily shared

Simplified, yet robust estate plan modeling

Luminary’s gift modeling was built for advisors who need dynamic tools to iterate quickly. A variety of use cases are supported out of the box:

  • Prospecting jump start: Oftentimes, advisors may not have the full picture of a prospective client’s estate. Luminary allows users to start building stunning proposals with three basic value assumptions for in-estate, out-of-estate, and income/expenses.
  • Model growth assumptions: Luminary users can show how a client’s portfolio is projected to grow over time, accounting for the tax status of each portion of their portfolio, cash flow expectations, and market return situations.

Compare multiple estate planning transfer scenarios, side by side

Model multiple estate planning transfer scenarios, and compare planning outcomes side by side

  • Model nuanced gift strategies: A wide array of strategies are available in Luminary, including gifting to grantor trusts, annual exclusion giving, pursuing valuation discounts for gift tax purposes, and charitable giving strategies.
  • Download ready-made presentations: New ideas can be added into compelling, client-facing deliverables, that compare up to three scenarios in a single, white labeled set of displays.

Advisors using Luminary can forecast the impact of lifetime giving in a way that’s easy to understand – and easy to share.

I use Luminary in all of my prospect meetings now. I showed a custom analysis to illustrate the depth of our family office capabilities and the holistic advice we can provide. It’s really powerful.

- Wealth advisor, RIA

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Luminary’s gifting tool is available to all users today. Users can scenarios in minutes with basic assumptions about a portfolio, and immediately begin adding scenarios for comparison.

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