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Luminary AI, a faster way to draw insights from trust and estate documents

Product announcement

June 3, 2024

Luminary AI, a faster way to draw insights from trust and estate documents

Today we are announcing the expansion of Luminary AI, including a broader range of document summary and information extraction capabilities. Starting with a document upload, Luminary AI streamlines the document review process, increasing efficiency and institutionalizing knowledge. Luminary AI document summaries and trust & estate system of record form a foundation for generational wealth advice and stickier client relationships.

Advisors who integrate trust & estate planning into how they counsel clients are challenged by dense legal documents. Some wealth strategists report that they spend as much as half their time on the manual task of reviewing and referring back various trusts, wills, and operating agreements. This capacity constraint places a hard limit on both the number of clients that can be served, as well as time spent meeting in person.

Today we are announcing the expansion of Luminary AI, purpose built for trust & estate professionals. Starting with a document upload, Luminary AI can pull out insights in minutes and provide you with a starting point to understand a client’s current estate for planning opportunities. Luminary AI streamlines the document review process, empowering wealth advisors to increase efficiency, and better serve their clients.

Artificial intelligence summary of a trust document, overlayed with a AI-powered semantic search for "Who are the beneficiaries?"

Luminary AI can summarize trust documents in minutes with structured sections.

Luminary AI expanded capabilites

Luminary AI allows you to create document summaries, use AI-powered search within any document, and easily extract data to turn static documents into dynamic digital records. The newly expanded feature set includes:

  • Pre-formatted document summaries with relevant sections and common provisions highlighted
  • Rich text editor lets you make edits on the fly
  • Copy outputs into existing client materials
  • AI-powered search functionality enables powerful document querying beyond basic keyword search
  • Navigate through multiple areas of a document where relevant details are found
  • Side-by-side document view allows you to search documents next to digital data fields

With Luminary AI, you can quickly grasp the key provisions without manually sifting through lengthy documents, saving valuable time and freeing you to focus on building meaningful connections with clients. More importantly, your work creates the foundation for a system of record where all relevant client trust data can be continuously revisited, empowering longitudinal client relationships.

Prepare for client meetings with confidence

Luminary AI complements the existing Luminary suite of products for advisors. With the power of Luminary, advisors can drive more engaging estate planning conversations with clients, helping them understand the full impact of their legacy and outcomes of new planning ideas.

I’m really impressed with Luminary AI, and it has been immensely helpful in summarizing client documents. It flags where in the document these provisions are talked about, and then you can start making any changes. This cuts a 4 hour process for me down to 30 minutes.

- Wealth Planning Director, RIA

Technology Transforming Wealth Transfer

Luminary has been changing the way advisors are engaging with their clients, providing them with a new way to differentiate their business. Starting with our powerful estate projection tools, wealth, tax, and legal professionals can transform advanced strategy ideas into client ready estate illustrations. Now, Luminary AI helps them take the next step in driving client planning needs with greater understanding, while  institutionalizing knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have documents that are 100 years old. Can Luminary AI support that?

Yes, Luminary AI has proven to be successful with old document scans to extract data and provide document summaries.

Does Luminary AI work for operating agreements?

Yes, Luminary AI can summarize operating agreements. We do not currently extract data points for operating agreements but this is coming soon. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in participating in our early beta programs by emailing

What types of trusts does Luminary AI support?

Luminary AI summaries are optimized for all trust types. Luminary data extraction currently supports irrevocable and revocable trust documents, and will be expanding to more document types soon. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in participating in our early beta programs by emailing

How long does it take to summarize a document?

Most documents are summarized in under 5 minutes. Once summarized, you can begin editing immediately, regenerate the summary, or use Luminary AI powered document search to validate summary details.

Does Luminary AI draft legal documents?

No, Luminary does not draft any legal documents. Luminary does not provide tax or legal advice. Our software platform is designed to be open architecture, and we enable our users to invite their clients’ professional service team such as attorneys and CPAs on a permissioned basis to work together.

How much does Luminary AI cost?

Luminary AI is included in your standard subscription for all users.

Can I send you a document to try out Luminary AI?

Yes! We are able to test Luminary AI document summaries in real time with you. Please reach out to our sales team for a demo.

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