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Luminary automates the creation of business entity ownership diagrams

Product Announcement

May 29, 2024

Luminary automates the creation of business entity ownership diagrams

Dave St. Geme


Head of Product, Co‑Founder

Luminary’s new business entity visualizations enable advisors to easily understand and convey the structure and value of a client’s business ownership. Our interactive visuals map out your client’s business holdings, while leveraging the underlying data in Luminary to automatically calculate the aggregate value of their ownership.

Simplifying complexity for advisors and clients

For many clients, business entities, including closely-held family businesses or family investment partnerships, are a crucial part of their legacy. A robust estate plan encompasses both personal and business assets, but it can be challenging for an advisor to quantify the value of a client’s business holdings, review existing structures, and communicate how business-focused strategies fit into the holistic plan.

Luminary’s new business entity diagram offers a sophisticated solution to these challenges, equipping advisors with a tool that automatically maps out business holdings and aggregates the value of their ownership on a single page.

Luminary automatically generates business entity flowcharts

Introducing Luminary’s new business entity ownership diagrams

Based on underlying ownership and valuation data, Luminary creates visualizations that display nested ownership of business entities, clearly illustrating what a client owns and how much their various ownership interests are worth. Users can now easily create comprehensive diagrams illustrating a holistic view of their client’s business holdings, enabling smarter, more informed incorporation of business entities in estate planning.

  • Interactive visuals: Hover over any entity to see ownership interests of nested entities, and click into them to see the value of their beneficial ownership and assets held.
  • Automatic calculations: Gone are the days of error-prone, manual spreadsheet calculations. Luminary leverages underlying data to calculate in-estate value, out-of-estate value, and total value of a client’s business ownership.
  • Valuation updates: The diagram will automatically refresh any time the underlying data is updated. Entities linked to portfolio management platforms including Addepar and Black Diamond will automatically have valuations synced, ensuring an up-to-date snapshot of your client’s holdings. Entity valuations can also be bulk uploaded via CSV.
  • Created in a click: Luminary’s ownership diagrams are automatically generated, replacing tedious manual flow chart creation in Powerpoint and Visio.
  • Customizable formats: As with all Luminary visuals, the business entity map is highly customizable.
    - Select vertical or horizontal nesting
    - Use intuitive drag function and grid lines to snap flowchart boxes into place
    - Create and save multiple versions of custom maps, such as family or business-related entities only.
  • Downloadable: Export your flowchart to easily share it with your client.

See value of beneficial ownership

Kickstart strategic client conversations

With Luminary’s business ownership diagrams, advisors can now easily demonstrate how business entities play an important role in their client’s estate plans. Demystify complex ownership structures, and unlock strategic conversations such as estate tax minimization, succession planning, and wealth transfer.

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Business entity flowcharts have now been automatically generated for all clients with business ownership interests. To view a client’s flowchart, log in to Luminary and click on the Diagram button in the Entities tab.

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