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Luminary launches Presentation Builder, automating the creation of tailored estate plan reports

Product Annoucement

February 28, 2024

Luminary launches Presentation Builder, automating the creation of tailored estate plan reports

Josh Gelinas


Product Lead

Luminary’s Presentation Builder automates the manual process of creating custom branded, well-formatted, and comprehensive estate planning presentations for clients on all the important details surrounding their estate. The Presentation Builder adds to Luminary’s platform for streamlining and elevating how advisors deliver trust and estate services as a core part of their client value proposition.

Software to create estate planning client presentations

Creating impactful client reports

Creating estate planning presentations is a time-consuming process that requires the advisory team to meticulously compile comprehensive reports which are both labor-intensive and manual. Without a centralized system, client estate information tends to be scattered, and a reliance on manual processes limit both data and visual fidelity. Consequently, advisors are missing opportunities to add value and demonstrate impact by helping clients make connections between their assets and lifetime objectives.

Enter Luminary's Presentation Builder, a feature that makes generating comprehensive estate planning data and visualizations into a seamless, two-click process. By automating the creation of client presentations, Luminary enables advisors to focus on what truly matters - delivering value and insight to their clients.

Empowering advisors with a streamlined workflow

Produce full client reports with their estate overview, diagrams, people and organization lists, and trust summaries.

Produce full client reports with their estate overview, diagrams, people and organization lists, and trust summaries.

The Presentation Builder is designed with efficiency in mind. It allows users to automatically create firm-branded, customized presentations, significantly reducing the time spent on report creation. This efficiency frees advisors to engage in higher-impact activities and deepen client interactions. Users can save each presentation as a template for future use and easily download it as a PDF.

Luminary’s presentation builder generates multi-page reports based on client information across the platform to ensure a comprehensive and client tailored presentation. Client presentations generated with Luminary are fully suitable for direct use in client meetings and include the following content:

  • Estate Overview and Entity Details: Client entity list/balance sheet as well as structured entity summaries that show all key entity details such as trust value, beneficiaries, trustees, and dispositive provisions.
  • Estate Waterfalls: Waterfall summaries of an estate upon specific death events including estate tax calculations as well as a diagram view.
  • Professional Team: Overview of the client's professional team across various advisor functions including accountants and attorneys as well as fiduciary roles such as power of attorney.
Brand your estate presentations with your firm's logo and colors.

Brand your presentations with your firm's logo and colors.

Presentations built with Luminary standardize every presentation so that it’s white-labeled according to the firm’s branding and includes all necessary disclosures by default. Further customization of each presentation includes the ability to craft a specific cover slide as well as edit the order of all pages/sections and remove any slides as desired.

A strategic edge in asset management services

The wealth management industry continues to lean into value added services to enhance their product offerings, preserve pricing power, and stand out in the marketplace. In the midst of this evolution, Luminary's Presentation Builder is a strategic asset that significantly differentiates firms by enabling them to clearly showcase the value of their estate planning services to clients.

Luminary's presentation output is tangible proof of a firm’s capability and credibility to lead their client’s trust & estate outcomes, and to do so in a way that is simplifying, insightful, and empowering for the client.

- David Barnard, Luminary Founder & CEO

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Presentation Builder is available now and ready for you to create new estate planning presentations in minutes that will impress and engage your clients. We invite you to request a demo explore more of Luminary's client presentations.

Find out how Luminary can help your clients unlock more meaning in their money.

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