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Unlock insight and engagement: Introducing the Luminary Estate Waterfall

Product Announcement

September 19, 2023

Unlock insight and engagement: Introducing the Luminary Estate Waterfall

Vik Prasad


Product Strategist

Luminary’s new Estate Waterfall brings legacy planning to life with easy-to-understand, client-friendly visualizations. With Luminary’s Estate Waterfall, advisors can scale how they demonstrate a holistic understanding of their clients' estate plans and personal goals. Luminary unlocks trust & estate services as a key competitive advantage, strengthening existing relationships across generations, and opening new opportunities to distinguish advisory services to prospective clients. Luminary is technology transforming wealth transfer.

Complex clients want to understand how their estate plan will benefit the people and causes most important to them while managing their estate tax exposure. Luminary’s Estate Waterfall brings even the most dense and complicated legacy planning documents to life with easy-to-understand, dynamic client visualizations.

After clients have formed an initial understanding of an estate plan, advisors often find it difficult and time-consuming to refer back to these strategies on an ongoing basis. Compelling visual presentations help keep legacy planning at the forefront of client conversations, demonstrating how sustained planning leads to desired estate outcomes. When wealth advisors use the Estate Waterfall to map how an existing estate plan will ultimately impact deeply personal goals, they can spark engagement about which strategies may be refined or improved.

The status quo has been to build low-tech, non-standardized visuals using Excel and Powerpoint, where data points are stale as soon they’re added and require laborious, error-prone manual updates. Instead of relying on high-effort, easily forgotten one-off presentations, Luminary creates deliverables that continuously reflect the client’s latest circumstances.

Illustrate client outcomes with greater impact and elegance

Luminary elevates the client conversation with interconnected data and high impact visualizations. Our platform helps advisors surface actionable insights from opaque trust documents in a way that current tools cannot. Use our digital maps to drive intimate conversations about how life events will impact an estate’s benefit to family and causes, or potential tax liability. With Luminary's Estate Waterfall, you can now:

  • Generate personalized visualizations for every client situation. A flowchart maps out how entities distribute, while summary illustrations clearly demonstrate holistic outcomes. Trust details can be progressively explored and don't have to fit on a single slide.
  • Show how dollar amounts are distributed in a standardized format, making it easy to consistently and clearly display dispositive provisions. Luminary’s system of record organizes the important information about a trust in a unified, easily updated catalog.
  • Confidently quantify estate tax with displays that automatically adjust as asset values change, avoiding a time intensive and error-prone manual update process.
  • Project future outcomes, showing how asset returns and estate tax exemption changes will impact beneficiary distributions and estimated tax liability.
  • Easily update data across visualizations and performance summaries, removing the need to copy/paste from one system to another. Advisors can create appealing visuals in a matter of moments, helping drive urgency for prospects and clients to do planning now.

Inconsistent, quickly outdated displays have limited the information advisors present (and continuously return to) because of the human capital required to customize and update each conversation. With Luminary’s Estate Waterfall, advisors can now scale a highly prized value-add, conveying their holistic grasp of a client’s estate plan and its implications. Seamlessly show existing clients and new referrals how advisory services can capture the complexity a substantial legacy merits, building confidence, insight, and sense of potential.

Luminary users can log in now to build their first personalized Estate Waterfall presentation for a client, or set up a call with Luminary’s product team for a guided walk-through. Don’t yet have access to Luminary? Book a demo and learn more at

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