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What's new at Luminary: May update

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June 4, 2024

What's new at Luminary: May update

A round up of all the latest features released in Luminary.

Luminary AI, driving faster insights for advisors

Luminary AI export document summary

Luminary AI's expanded feature set includes a broader range of document summary and information extraction capabilities. Starting with a document upload, Luminary AI streamlines the document review process, increasing efficiency and institutionalizing knowledge. Luminary AI document summaries and trust & estate system of record form a foundation for generational wealth advice and stickier client relationships.

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Luminary partners with Black Diamond

Luminary is integrated with Black Diamond Wealth Platform

Luminary’s partnership with the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform allows advisors to effortlessly sync data to Luminary so they can leverage a powerful feature set to visualize and manage trust & estate strategies for their clients.

With Luminary’s powerful feature set combined with the Black Diamond integration, advisors can rely on a single source of truth with asset values synced via Black Diamond, our tools enable advisors to layer in what-if analyses to project outcomes of new planning strategies.

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Manage Estate Waterfall dispositions in one place

Luminary estate waterfall enhancements

We're continuing to enhance new functionality in Luminary's waterfall, making it easier for you to enter dispositive provisions, and reference the relevant documents.

  • Manage dispositive provisions in one place: You'll now be able to see dispositive provisions for all entities in one spot. Entities are organized by in estate, out of estate, and testamentary, and by first and second death order to streamline your review.
  • Copy dispositions: For entities with similar or same provisions, you can now copy them from another entity with a click. This will copy recipients, distribution specifications, and order of distributions.
  • See document side by side: When entering provisions, you'll now see any associated documents right alongside the forms, making it easier to reference and validate the data.

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Track life insurance policies

Upload and track directly held life insurance policies

You can now model directly held life insurance in Luminary and use them in estate waterfalls and hypotheticals. Track cash values, death benefits, premiums, and policy details.

Client checklist guides you through profile completion

Luminary's onboarding checklist guides you through steps to complete client profile

All newly created clients will automatically have a checklist to help you track profile completion. Easily follow the guide to navigate to relevant areas, and mark off tasks as they're completed.

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